AmanaskA Yoga Retreats in Monemvasia

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Location: Agia Kyriaki

AmanaskA Yoga Retreats invites you to join our community for a life-changing experience of growth and self-care. AmanaskA provides a unique experience of wellness, in a variety of retreats that include yoga, sound healing, meditation, plant ceremonies, dancing, and holistic workshops in some of the world’s top resorts.

We started this community with the intention of bringing people together and empowering them with self acceptance, self love, and self healing techniques. We believe that healing humanity starts with each and everyone of us. Our hosts and facilitators are highly skilled holistic practitioners, with years of experience, and a vast knowledge in a wide variety of practices.

We carefully build programs and retreats that are diverse in content, focused on self-care and love, and showcase our philosophy towards life. AmanaskA is a state of higher self. State of peace, serenity, bliss and contentment, undisturbed by thoughts or concerns. Awaken to the Ultimate Reality, which lies beyond the senses, yet asleep to the world.




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