Churches in Ermioni

The history of Ermioni goes back thousands of years back, at its peak when several churches were built that survive to this day. At the top of the hill lies the metropolis church of Taxiarchon, a historical Byzantine monument that lies here from the 16th century. It is built over the ruins of an ancient sanctuary of Dimitra and right next is a traditional house. A walk up to Mylos, on top of Krothi hill is highly recommended where you will come across with the chapel of Agios Gerasimos. The view from up there is just breathtaking.

One of the most important shrines is the picturesque monastery of Agioi Anargyroi. It is ideally located above the peaceful bay of Ermioni and it is said that it was built between 11th and 14th century. Hundreds of faithful gather here on July 1st and November 1st for the great festivals. At the peak of Mt Kokkylion lies also the church of Prophet Elias.

Church of Agia Ermioni

The small chapel of Agia Ermioni dates from 1754 and it is located in a pine forest close to the town. The church was built on the foundations of an ancient temple.

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