Francthi Cave will open for visitors

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Recently, the Greek Ministry of Culture decided that the Franchthi Cave in Argolida, one of the most important caves in Greece, will soon open to visitors. The archaeologists supported that the old marina near the cave should be restored, so that visitors could easily access the monument from the sea. Also, they will put instructional signs in order to inform visitors about the history, the significance of the monument and the findings inside. The plan for the interior part of the cave is to put a low gateway made of metal and wood to ensure the safety of visitors. There won't be any electric lighting installations due to the natural light that passes through the large opening of the cave. The estimated cost of these operations is about 200,000 euros. It is believed that the exploitation of Franchthi Cave and the surrounding area will have a huge impact on local tourism. Educational excursions for children could also be organized. Franchthi Cave is located near Koilada village and it has two rooms. Both of them were studied by American archaeologists headed by professor Thomas Gakobsen during the period 1967-1976. One of the most important discoveries in Franchthi Cave is a skeleton of a 25-year-old man 1,56 tall, who died because of a strong hit on the head. This skeleton dates about 10,000-8,000 years ago. His burial position was strange: his legs were benting inwards, his hands were in fetal position and he was buried with the head to the south and his legs to the north. The skeletons of two children were also found in similar position. All findings from this cave are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion.