Elafonissos Kalogeras beach

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General information

Kalogeras Beach Elafonissos: The beach of Kalogeras is placed on the north-west side of the island and is closely related to the ancient city of Elafonissos according to some interesting archeological discoveries that were excavated in the area. Elafonissos was once known as Onou Gnathos, and according to the geographer Pausanias, its capital was placed in an area that we know now as the small islet of Petri, or Pavlopetri. This island used to be part of Elafonissos until the first century AD, when the separation of the land occurred.

Today, this beach is mainly known as a natural extension of Kontogoni beach. It is a very long coast that retains its picturesque feature, as it has many cedar trees and some nice sand dunes. The beach also has a football ground, in case you like sports. Kalogeras beach has an easy access from Elafonissos village, so this makes it close to the tourist amenities.

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