Rising Ecotourism in Greece

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The biologist-oceanographer Mr. Vasilis Podiadis is organizing yacht excursions since the last 7 years. According to him, a rising interest on ecological tourism has been shown by the Greeks in the last period. On the contrary, the first years he almost traveled with foreigners.
"People have gradually started being more sensitive on this kind of issues", says another organizer of sea tours. One of the main advantages of ecotourism is that on the boats there are always scientists-biologists, oceanographers, environmentalists, who inform the travelers about the endemic flora and fauna species.
One of the travelers was Mr. Kefalas. "In this kind of holidays you are in a constant contact with nature and it offers perfect relaxation". He adds, though that this is a chance to realize that it is worth protecting and respecting nature. "I remember watching with my son dozens of dolphins passing under the boat. Also very interesting for the kids was the observation of the plankton through the microscope. Last year we were swimming next to dolphins, swordfishes and sea-turtles!"