Chaos after tragic death of boy

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This weekend was chaotic for Athens and many big cities of Greece. Everything started last Saturday evening, when, for presently unknown reasons, a police man shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia, close to the centre of Athens. Exarcheia has an ill reputation as they are thought as the "lair" of anarchism in Greece. Since then, troops of anarchists and left parties have been furiated and, in revenge, they destroyed many shopping stores and put cars on fire. Demonstrations that started on Sunday afternoon couldn't be controled by the police and led to more destructions. Such frays were expanded in other towns, such as Thessaloniki, Patras and Ioannina. The policeman who shot the young boy and another policeman that was present in the incident are both under arrest and they are apolizing on Wednesday, December 10th. The first policeman is accused of homicide by intention. For now, they say that the 37-year-old policeman fired in the air for intimidation against a group of anarchists that was coming threatingly towards them and one bullet hit the young boy by accident, while witnesses say that the policeman fired on purpose towards the boys.  Unfortunately, new demonstrations have been planned for today evening close to the Athens centre. Major police forces are getting ready to repel them, but the demonstartors seem uncontrollable.