Campaign for Greece at Facebook

• Category: News

A large campaign has started over the last months to support the economy of Greece. This campaign started by Yorgos Kleivokiotis, a Greek expat living in Dubai. When the news about the Greek debt crisis came up, he felt upset and started a discussion with other Greeks living abroad on how to help their country overcome this bad situation. Looking for a solution that would not require state intervention, he thought that a simple method to help Greece would be to invite as many people as possible to come for vacations.

He thus created a group in Facebook inviting people to come to Greece and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the country, see the interesting archaeological sites, admire the monuments, swim in the crystal beaches, hike in the wild landscape and eat homemade food. He forwarded this group to many people and asked them to forward it to all the people they know. This campaign SAVE GREECE, as it is humorously called, has grown big and successful. It is really touching that so many people abroad are currently disregarding the news about strikes or business closures and they are planning their trip to Greece this summer.