Olive Museum in Kavala

Apr 09, 2008 — Apr 09, 2008 • Category: Events
Hundreds of people from the Municipality of Eleftheron, Elaiochorion (olive village), on the west coast of Kavala city, turned many years back when on December of 1950 began its function one of the most modern Olive Presses in that time, with imported engines of the latest technology.
Today, 58 years later, the old and ruined olive Press became alive again, transformed into the new Olive Museum. This is the first Olive Museum in Kavala prefecture and in the region of Thraki in general, constructed through European Programs and the Municipal Support Frame and with a budget of 250,000 Euro. It is a rare spot where children and adults can meet the history, the tradition and the folklore of Greece through the olive products and their exploitation.
Major of Eleftheron, Charalambos Crysanidis, characterized it as a unique piece of work, one of the best in the field of reformation, nomination and development of old building complexes.