Trains again to Skopje, Belgrade and Sofia

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Good news for tourists from the Balkan countries: starting from May 10th, 2014, the Greek Railway Organization (TRAINOSE) is launching train departures from Thessaloniki to Skopje, Belgrade and Sofia. In particular, there will be a daily departure from Thessaloniki to Sofia Bulgaria and another daily departure from Thessaloniki to FYROM and Belgrade.

Train from Thessaloniki to Skopje and Belgrade

This schedule will operate with the train Hellas Express, departing from Thessaloniki at 16:00 and arriving in Skopje at 19:50 (local time). Next stop is Nis arriving at 01:09 and last stop is Belgrade at 05:33.

The return trip is scheduled at: Belgrade 18:45, Nis 23:25, Skopje 04:44 and arrival in Thessaloniki at 11:16.

The ticket prices with return are set at 19,50 euros for the route Thessaloniki-Skopje and at 54,10 euros for Thessaloniki-Belgrade. For reservations from May 10th until June 10th, tickets are 30% discounted.

For the route Thessaloniki-Belgrade, there will be bunk beds available, while in summer there will also be an extra wagon for car transportation of the passengers.

Train from Thessaloniki to Sofia

This train is departing at 06:55 from Thessaloniki and arriving at 14:00 in Sofia. The return trip is at 15:20 from Sofia and arrival in Thessaloniki at 22:00. The return ticket price is 33,60 euros.