The opening of a Dinosaur Park

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A Dinosaur Park opened last week in Oreokastro neighbourhood, Thessaloniki, to guide people in the Prehistoric times and the legendary Dinosaurs. They first appeared on Earth before 230 millions of years and they massively dissapeared before 65 millions of years. Since then, they have become a legend, as many films have been set and many stories have been told for them. In the park that works in Thessaloniki, and which is the only of its kind in the Balcans, representations of these giant reptiles impress visitors with their look and size. The park extends for about 6,000 sq.m. and consists of the Dinosaur Country, where there are representations of all kind of dinosaurs in normal size, and the Cave of Evolution, where one can see from close the prehistoric man (homo habilis, homo erectus and homo sapiens). The park was made with the help of the Speleological Company of Northen Greece and the speleologist Evangelia Tsoukala.