Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2020

Nov 05, 2020 — Nov 15, 2020 • Category: Events

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival 61st edition will take place from November 5 – November 15, 2020.
In the case movie theaters are open in Greece, the theaters in Thessaloniki (Olympion, Pavlos Zannas, Tonia Marketaki, Frida Liappa, Stavros Tornes, John Cassavetes, Makedonikon) will show the films of the 61st TIFF.
In case of a general lockdown, or lockdown in the city of Thessaloniki, or if movie theaters in Thessaloniki are closed (but open in other cities in Greece):75% of the program (more than 100 films) will be screened online in a special festival platform. However, the viewings will be increased by 40% for each of the films screened online. The ticket price for the online screenings will be 3 euros/viewing. Special discount ticket packages for online screenings will be available before the Festival.

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