Art Thessaloniki 2019

Nov 21, 2019 — Nov 24, 2019 • Category: Events

Art Thessaloniki Festival is an annual festival that aims to promote dialogue, innovation and encourage artistic mobility.

Beyond its commercial dimension, the presence of the most important galleries of Greece, but also from all over the world, dedicate high prestige cultural exhibitions.
For the first time, the art lovers of Thessaloniki will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition   “Unexpected Dialogue” – Picasso & Jankulovski, including Pablo Picasso ceramic works but also Mice Jankulovski painting works. 
The exhibition is in cooperation with the Museum of Drawing Skopje with curator Mr.Manos Stefanidis.

This year’s honored artist is the Greek American Billy Zane.
Billy Zane is born in Chicago by Greek ancestors. He studied at the Harand Camp of the Theater of Arts at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. At a very young age, he discovered his love not only for acting but also for painting art. He has acted in many famous movies, like Back to the Future (1985) and Titanic (1997). He owns a film production company and he is producing the movie  “Waltzing With Brando” where he also starσ.

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