Thessaloniki Trade Fair

The International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki: The International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki is a very important event that occurs every year, usually the first or second week of September, in Thessaloniki Greece. This event has a large impact on the commercial and political life of Greece. HELEXPO undertakes the organization of this grand event, which takes place in a special exhibition hall near the waterfront of Thessaloniki.

This annual fair was first held in 1926 and since then it has continuously been celebrated as the most important trade fair in Southeastern Europe. Companies from around the world take place and have stood with their products. It is estimated that more than 1,000 exhibitors from almost 40 countries participate in this huge event and that about 255,000 people visit it. The fair lasts for a week and it also includes other events, such as food festivals, film festivals and business seminars.

Every year, a country is given the title of Honored Country, receiving a good amount of publicity and a separate hall at the exhibition. It is also accustomed that every year, at the opening speech of this trade fair, the Prime Minister of Greece states his political plans for the year to come. This custom started in the 1960s and since then, the trade fair also has political importance, except for commercial and economic.

Many interesting events have also taken place in the exhibition hall of Thessaloniki Trade Fair. In fact, the first radio station in Greece started its transmission from there in 1928, while in 1961 an experimental television station started to work. Funny enough, the famous Greek coffee frappe was invented during the Trade Fair in 1957 when an employee of Nestle accidentally produced this unusual mixture for the time.