Our Libel Policy

This Libel Policy applies to this website under the domain name www.greeka.com.
This policy explains what happens in cases when an individual or a company believes to have been libeled through Greeka.com.

Libel means "defamation", a statement in print or written speech that damages the reputation of an individual or company. Till now, libels mostly concerned traditional print media, but with the evolution of technology libel also clearly refers to electronic publishing, too. In fact, any statement in print (electronically or on paper) is potentially the source of a libel if it might lower the estimation of a company, an individual, a product or a service.

How can you cause libel through Greeka.com?

Any negative statement that members of Greeka.com express through this website can be considered as libel of a company, an individual, a product or a service. These personal opinions can be expressed in reviews or comment box of reviews, comment box of news or photos, forums and generally in any section of Greeka.com where members are permitted to write their opinion.

Is Greeka.com responsible for these comments?

In no case is Greeka.com responsible for the personal opinions of its members. Members can express their opinion/ statement freely, keeping however the proper language.

Does Greeka.com have the right to remove a comment?

Greeka.com has the right to remove the particular "libel" comment if the company/ individual in question provides sufficient argument against it.

I see that there is a libel comment against me/ my company in Greeka.com. What do I do?

If a company or individual observes in Greeka.com a comment against them and if they believe that this comment is a libel, then they should contact Greeka.com. Greeka has the right to ask for sufficient agreement to prove this comment false. If such sufficient agreement is provided, then Greeka.com reserves the right to remove the comment in question.