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Laganas Zakynthos: The huge beach of Laganas is the most popular and cosmopolitan resorts of Zakynthos located 9 km north of the main town. The settlement lies around the natural bay which is full of sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets and canteens. Plenty of water sports facilities are offered to visitors like beach bars, snacks bars and seaside taverns overlooking the beach.

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It is the most crowded spot of Zakynthos during the day and especially at night for the numerous pubs and cafes where mostly young tend to explore. The main road of Laganas is boarded by many restaurants, bars and touristy shops and, behind the road, various luxurious hotels with swimming pools and many other facilities can be found.

Laganas Beach is protected by the Greek and international legislation as a birthplace of the endangered species of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and is part of the Greek National Marine Park. The little pine-clad islet of Agios Sostis, located opposite the beach of Laganas, can be reached by a lovely wooden bridge.

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Hotels in Laganas

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Denise Beach Hotel

Hotels Apartments Studios Maisonettes4 stars
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Denise Beach Hotel is suitable for families, young couples, and groups seeking excellent quality of staying in a coastal area with a sublime view. Having the pride of place at Laganas beach, Denise Beach, which comprises three buildings, can be the ideal base for guests who are in pursuit of getting acquainted with the real Zakynthian hospitality in Lagana, one of the island's most cosmopolitan places whose beach is counted among the largest ones in the Mediterranean and which is known for its beauty and reproduction shelter for the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta.

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Adamas Luxury Stone Villas

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The luxurious, newly built stone villas ADAMAS seem as if planted in one of the numerous olive groves that fill the southern part of the island thus consisting of an inextricable part of the landscape.

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Agrilia Hotel

Hotels Suites2 stars
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The boutique hotel Agrilia in the heart of a beautiful grove is a creation of renowned architect and interior designer Spyros Soulis. Comfortable, stylish, and quiet, Agrilia Hotel in Zakynthos is a base for your summer vacation. The architecture and decor blend with local architecture and lush surroundings. The simple elegance and frills set the special style.

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Reviews of Laganas, Zakynthos

4 Reviews
  • san_tigro 24 Aug 2011
    Go with another group
    I had a fairly unfortunate experience with Eurodivers and while I have never done this before, it was enough to make me want to warn other divers to go elsewhere.
    I rang the day before and was told I could turn up for a dive the next morning. I asked what site they would be diving and they said they usually decide in the morning. The next morning, I turned up at the shop only to then be told there were too many people booked. They suggested I wait to see if others who had booked didn't turn up. Eventually they said it would be fine. Ok, great. So what site will we be diving? "Don't know yet, we'll decide on the boat". Err, right.
    As it turns out, it would have been more sensible for them to arrange separate dive trips, one for the first time "try a dive" people (of which there were about 14) and one for the experienced divers (of which there were 9). Because of the numbers, it was very tight on the boat, but more importantly for the quality of the dive, the large number of first time divers impacted the choice of dive site, meaning the more experienced divers had a fairly shallow dive in a less than exciting location. There was not much to see (despite excellent visibility).
    Further, Eurodivers is run by a husband and wife team who are unfortunately teaching their kids some terrible diving practices. For example:
    1. the husband who led the dive explained that there would be no dive plan, he would "make it up as he went along". We might go left or right after we get down there, he'd let us know. At one point the group became divided when 5 went right of a large rock and 4 went left, my dive buddy and I stuck together, but it was entirely unclear which group contained the dive leader.
    2. the dive leader not only failed to abide by the "look, don't touch" rule, but literally dug an octopus out of its home and held it down so others could "pet" it. The poor thing was squirting ink and trying to get away the whole time.
    3. the dive leader proposed that my buddy (who was lower on air than I) surface while I should continue to swim around with the leader and a couple of others who had some air left. I had to signal that I would stick with my buddy and went up with him.
    4. one of the couple's kids was regularly standing on the rocks and the sand, causing clouds of sand/damage to growth on the rocks whenever she kicked off, yet neither husband nor the second dive master with whom she was buddied indicated she should correct her buoyancy.
    To top it all off, because of wind, the surface was a bit choppy. When we returned from our dive, we learned that this had meant that the first time divers didn't get to go in the water (too choppy to properly instruct them and a bit difficult for them to get on/off the boat). Fair enough, but the water was not so rough to prevent experienced divers going in, even when I had had only about 12 dives under my belt I was diving off boats in swells larger than we experienced that day. Yet, they cancelled our second dive. They tried to say it was because the sea was too rough, but the main reason seemed to be that they didn't want the majority of the people (ie the first time divers) to have to wait for us and because the wife had become seasick (not sure why you would get into this business if you are prone to sea-sickness?).
    Despite all of the above, what eventually made me decide to write this review was the appalling way the wife spoke of Greeks. While driving us to and from the beach, she kept bad-mouthing "these stupid Greeks" and their driving.
    Honestly, it seems to me that these two are in the wrong business in the wrong country. Overall, it was a pretty unimpressive operation.
  • sam57 19 Apr 2009
    Matter of age
    If you have passed your 20s, you can't really appreciate Laganas, I guess. Me, way over my 50s, I found Laganas quite unattractive, but I saw that the youths there enjoyed a lot its loud clubs and noisy beach parties. Just a matter of age and tastes...
  • giacom39 27 Mar 2009
    Noisy at night
    Laganas is the most crowded beach on Zakynthos. Fortunately, it is very big (about 9 km, as I read) and people can have room between each other on the beach. Our hotel was right above the main resort, as many other hotels. In the daytime, the atmosphere is joyful and nice. Taverns and cafeterias were full and streets of Laganas were busy. At night, when clubs open, the area gets a bit noisy and annoying. As Laganas is mostly visited by British, you will see some British youngsters drunk in the early hours. When it was getting dark, we would preferably leave Laganas to have our dinner in another village, quieter.
  • alm 18 Oct 2007
    Had great holidays in Laganas
    I went in Laganas the first time a few years ago and really liked it.
    The area has a beautiful beach and the things someone would want: great bar and clubs, a variety of restaurants, good accommodation and watersports. The atmosphere is really good and the people kind. Both tourists and locals.
    My friends and I rent a car for few days to discover the island and it is really great. There are really nice landscapes and the villages in the mountains are really beautiful.
    I go to Zante at least once a year and always stay in Laganas.
    I recommend this area to all!



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