Shopping in Paxi island is centered in the main towns of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. In these towns you will find many mini-markets with fruits, vegetables and other groceries arranged on the front. Many souvenir shops and jeweleries can be found lining the main streets. The olive wood carved figures here are beautiful and the jewelers have unique traditional hand designed silver and gold jewelry.

Cakes and local cheese pies from the baker shops are also tempting and they make nice food to take on your visit to the beaches.

Even though Paxi is known as an alternative cosmopolitan tourist centre, designer shops are not to be found. Proximity to Corfu may be the reason. The shops usually take credit cards to accommodate the tourists, but there are not many ATMs to be found in the towns. But there are alternative places where they exchange cash or traveler’s cheque. Keeping cash with you is recommended for shopping in Paxi.