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Category: Meganisi Agios Ioannis
Too remote 3 / 5 stars
Visited Sept 2012. Only go Meganissi if staying in Spatohori or Vathi, Agios Ioannis too remote. There is nothing there, beach not as good as stated, one lot of apartments, ONE taverna, church and phone box and that's it. Last week in Sept the ONE taverna was shut, not good. The road is dangerous that leads to resort. Don't believe anything else you read in brochures, this is the truth. Rest of island nice for two or three days but that's it.
Category: Meganisi General
First time travellers 4 / 5 stars
Our first time on Meganisi, stayed at Gavrilis, Agios Ioannis. Superb location but more remote than expected. One taverna within easy walking distance, nearest supermarket and eating places 2.8km at Spartochori.
Tropicana: excellent food and hospitality, don't be put off by "pizzeria", George does traditional Greek fare too and is happy to oblige with special requests. We walked the "spine" and renamed it "road to nowhere", after 3hrs the newly constructed road came to a dead end no access to the sea and so turned around and walked 3hrs back, beware unless you hear progress has been made.
Category: Meganisi General
Meet the neighbor 5 / 5 stars
If you travel to Lefkada, make sure you visit the beautiful neighboring island of Meganisi. The access is very easy, you will go to Nydri and from there you will take the ferry boat that gets you there in 25 minutes.

The route with a ferry is lovely. We saw many small islets scattered around the island. In Meganisi, I was impressed by the crystal clear water of the beaches and the beautiful surrounding. We experienced the tranquility of this place and its charming atmosphere. Here, we ate the best fish specialties ever.

Visit the cave of Papanikoli, you will be impressed by the transparent turquoise waters. There is a boat making regular trips from Meganisi and Lefkada.
Category: Meganisi General
View of a lovely place 4 / 5 stars
Meganisi is still a lovely place to stay, great out of the way beaches, laid back style and I would visit again, however I would not stay in Vathi again unless out of the main area. We stayed right next to the Rose Garden and the noise from the flotilla yachts was too much. We moved to the hotel in Katomeri where the rooms were bigger and cleaner and much quieter.

My biggest disappointment in coming back was the food. Meganisihas sold its soul to the yachting fraternity, very little real Greek food, most meals comprised chips. We went to Nidri several times and wow was the food there great. Greek kitchen there meant real Greek food, superb, varied and not expensive.

I hadn't been back for 6 years and had forgotten what rogues some Greeks are. We were short changed 20 times in 14 days, no problem when we highlighted it, but watch out. I would recommend Meganisi even for the loan traveller and do go to the small winebar in Katomeri run by Chryssa, she is a crazy lady who does the most divine shots.
susiler Category: Meganisi General
Wonderful small island 5 / 5 stars
I regret we didn't stay in Meganisi for more than a day. We go to Lefkada every summer for the last three days and only last summer did we discover this small paradise opposite Nydri!!! I feel unforgivable not to go to Meganisisooner and I also feel sad that I didn't know how beautiful it was to book some nights there!!! The beaches were not as impressive as in Lefkada but water was so clean and had this lovely green-blue colour everywhere.

We sticked to the beaches near Vathi and walked a bit in the inland to see a wonderful green island. The hills offered great views to Lefkada and you could see some small houses in the forest. So lovely!! The port of Vathi was full of boats and yachts and in the evening they put their small lights on and created a picturesque scene. It is a pity that the ferry runs only till 8 in the evening. They should really expand the timetable at least for a couple more hours.
Category: Meganisi General
Ban cars and permit only buses 4 / 5 stars
It is a bit difficult to go to Meganisi because you have to change many means. We landed in Athens, then took the bus to Lefkada, then the bus to Nidri and then the ferry to Meganisi. This trip took us a whole day, which means two days less in our vacations, but the island was worth it!! Small and beautiful, with very nice people and excellent taverns!! The locals fish all night to get you the best fish in the day. You don't need a car in Meganisi, maybe a motorbike, but you can also walk. I think they should ban cars from this small island and permit only buses, or boats. Cars really spoil the beauty of Meganisi and all they make is noise. Beaches are so great and much greenery surrounds them!! In a couple of them, we were alone and this was excellent. It is not easy to be alone in a beach in a Greek island, especially in high season when most people go vacations.
federpu Category: Meganisi General
Clean beaches and fresh fish 4 / 5 stars
You don't need many days to see Meganisi, as the island is so tiny you can trek around it. We went there from Nydri, Lefkada, and I believe this is the only way to go. The island is very beautiful, the top is the green beaches with small pebbles and crystal sea. These are some of the cleanest beaches I have seen in Greece (I generally think the Ionian has better beaches than the Aegean sea). Vathi, where the ferry from Nydri arrives, is a calm village with old houses. Taverns in the port offer really fresh fish (not frozen, as in other restaurants). The locals go fishing ver early in the morning and then sell in the market. Hotels are not much on Meganisi, you will mostly find studios and rooms to rent.
Category: Meganisi General
Smell the fresh air 5 / 5 stars
I was not expecting much from Meganisi as I thought it would be a cool, boring island. However, at the end of the weekend, I didn't want to leave. I had gone to Meganisi only for three days but I found a pretty island with gorgeous beaches and lovely people. Take the boat from Vathi, make the tour of the island and step out in the most secluded beach. You can find beautiful beches everywhere, but really isolate beaches I foudn only in Meganisi. Then go to Vathi and have some fresh (really fresh!!) seafood. Prices are quite low in comparison to other islands. Walk through the olive fields and vineyards, talk to the local old men, have Greek coffee in small traditional cafeterias. Smell the air and get everything Meganisi has to give you. Magnificent!
Category: Meganisi General
A daily excursion from Lefkada 5 / 5 stars
We went to Meganisi only for a day from Nydri Lefkada. I personally liked it a lot. Picturesque villages, great beaches, delicious seafood. We didn't see a lot of the island, just Vathi and the nearest beach, but I felt it would be a cool weekend destination. In winter, though, things must be pretty tough for the permanent residents. I was also amazed that there was so much greenery on such a tiny island.

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