Rock summer 2010

Aug 01, 2010 — Aug 22, 2010 • Category: Events
The island of Kythira reveals this summer its rock side, through the event From ex to next. Kythera Rock Summer 2010. The most melodic voices of the local music scene will take place in this festival that will last till August 22nd. Interesting theatrical performances will also take place. The festival starts on Sunday, August 1st with a concert of Modrec, a Greek band that recently presented its music to the British audience, too.

Two days later, August 3rd, the popular rock band Last Drive will perform, while the next day it is the turn of Blaine Reininger, an American who lives permanently in Athens. On August 7th, Mania and Antonis Maratos will present a magical fairytale of adventures and transfigurations. On August 16th, the Greek singer Savina Giannatou will sing with Evgenia Karlafti, while on August 17th the audience will listen to the music of Human Touch.

On August 18th, a group of actors will present the play of Giannis Ritsos Persephone and the next day the musician and singer Vassilikos, member of the group Raining Pleasure, will perform. The group Oper(o) will present an alternative and interactive Traviatta on August 21st to 22nd, and the festival will end with the play Women's Monologues by the theatrical group FOS.

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