Flights to Kythira

The airport of Kythira is located on the northern side of the island, in the region of Diakofti. It receives flights from Athens and the flight time from Athens to Kythira is 45 min.

The airport of Kythira also receives flights from other Greek airports, such as Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Aktio, Corfu, and Heraklion all year round. These flights are operated by Sky Express.

Outside the airport of Kythira, there are taxis to get visitors around the island. Many car rental agencies also have their base at the airport.

Domestic Flights from/to Kythira
Athens and Thessaloniki

Air companies to Kythira

The airport of Kythira receives flights from Athens all year round. In summer, it also operates flights from Thessaloniki and other Greek airports. Here are the main air companies that fly from/to Kythira.

Domestic flights

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