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In other words, Kefalonia combines many aspects of the natural beauty that is featured around the Greek land. The island is crowned by Mount Ainos, which is a National Park for the protection of fauna and flora.  The capital of Kefalonia, the charming Argostoli, as well as the scattered settlements, have kept their authentic character despite the tourism development. Venetian castles from the glorious past, neoclassical mansions, and picturesque paths complete the traditional aspect of Kefalonia. The island offers everything that a visitor might need.


Kefalonia map

Map of Kefalonia

Where is Kefalonia?
Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands, famous for its natural characteristics which attract thousands of visitors every summer. It is blessed with a diverse scenery that consists of impressive mountain landscapes, exotic beaches, picturesque coves, caves, and verdant forests.
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Map Of Kefalonia