Ithaca Ancient Alalcomenae

The ancient town of Alalcomenae on Ithaca, in the Ionian: Alalcomenae is an ancient town placed on a hill above the modern small village of Piso Aetos, to the south of Ithaca island. It was founded during the 6th century and the ruins of the Acropolis of Alalcomenae still remain on the site. Many objects of great historical value have also been found, such as some imprints with the name of Ithaca and the image of Ulysses.

The Greek historian Plutarch refers to Alalcomenae, alias Alalcomai, as the city of the Ithacians, while the ancient geographer Strabo refers to it as a small village of Asteria islet, between Ithaca and Kefalonia. The references of Plutarch were apparently the most taken into account and the archaeological site discovered in our days on Ithaca bears the name of Ancient Alalcomae.