Situated on the eastern side of the Aegean, Samos is a wonderful island that offers multiple entertainment options. Though its nightlife is not so crazy and wild, there are some lively Samos bars and clubs to enjoy a romantic or fun evening out. Most Samos bars have a lounge atmosphere and are perfect for relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine, a beer or a fruity cocktail. Although most of them stay open until a bit after midnight, there are a few clubs that keep it up till the morning.

The most popular nightlife spot in Samos is Vathy. Other options include the village of Karlovassi, with the bars Ginger, Garage and On the Rocks, and Pythagorion village with the famous Corner Bar. In the bars in Samos, you will most probably listen to rock or mainstream pop music, as well as atmospheric pieces. In Kokkari there are also bars and beach bars that stay open until late at night.

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