Dama Dama deer of Rhodes deadly hit

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Two of the beautiful Dama Dama deer of Rhodes have been deadly hit by car, while the three responsible drivers are "threatened" by criminal proceedings. The first accident was 15 days ago in Kiotari, while the second one was last Friday at the bridge of Gadouras, when a big deer hoped in the street and the driver could not avoid the crash. The poor animal was killed and there were also damages in two vehicles.
The Dama Dama are considered as a symbol of Rhodes and even some folktales refer to the presence of the deer since the time of the Crusaders. It is said that some of the deers brought the crusaders escaped the barracks and were reproduced in the forests.
Dama Dama is a medium sized deer with a height of 90 cm and weighs around 100 kg. Its coat is bay and it also has some characteristic white spots.