Another deer was killed by car

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Another deer was found dead last Sunday afternoon in the forestal region close to Agios Soulas village, Rhodes island. The deer crashed with a car in its effort to cross the road. This beautiful animal, which is a symbol for the history and the landscape of the island, lives in the inland of Rhodes, mostly in the mountainous forestal areas close to the Valley of Butterflies and the ancient site of Kameiros. However, they are threatened by the roads that cross these areas, as many accidents happen usually in the evening or early in the morning, when lighting is not sufficient. Things are getting worse since the local authorities haven't put signs along the roads to warn passing drivers. The result is the death of 5 deer in 2008 and 2 deer in 2009. In any case, apart from theĀ  death of the deer, this situation is also dangerous for the drivers as their life is put into risk from the crash. Therefore, locals and visitos ask the authorities to put sings along the road as well as bardwire, so that the deer can't cross the road.