The Trojan Women by local theatre group

Aug 09, 2011 — Sep 30, 2011 • Category: Events
The Theatre of South Aegean performs the ancient drama The Trojan Women from tonight till the end of September. This ancient drama was originally written by Euripides but it is now recreated for a current audience by the director, Alexis Migkas. Themos Mexis has written the music. This local theatre production, using local artists, crafts people and actors, will be performed in Greek but there will be a multi-lingual programme. The play picks up the tale after the Greeks won the war against Troy, having duped the Trojans into believing that the wooden horse was a gift marking the defeat of the Greeks. After the Greeks ransacked and burnt the city, they took as prisoners, and later to enslave them, all the women from the royal house of Troy. This play is the women's story, their tragedy, but the director also wants to highlight the tragedy of all innocent victims of war, regardless of place or time. The theatre will perform this tragedy in modern Greek language at the Light and Sound Park (near the taxi stand in Mandraki) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights, beginning at 21.00. Tickets are on sale at the ticket office, at the door. Ticket cost is 15 euros.