Museums in Astypalea

Since Astypalea is a small island, it has only one museum: the Archaeological Museum in Chora Astypalea. The Archaeological Museum of Astypalea was inaugurated in 1998 and is a treasure trove of important archaeological findings ranging from prehistoric period down to the Medieval era. There are displays of numerous items found through various excavations conducted throughout the island. Coins, bronze and stone tools, jewelry, vessels made of clay etc. that are collected from some of the tombs show the existence of civilization in the island from the early Stone Age. Some remnants from early Christian Basilicas like marble panels and other holy properties are also displayed there.

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Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum hosts exhibits that date from the Prehistoric and the Medieval times, including ancient jewelry, stone tools, funeral offerings, ceramic pottery, and other pieces. There are also photographs of the island's caves, Negros and Drakos.

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