On Evangelistrias Street, the flea market, full of bright colours and marvellous scents, consists in a lining of stalls selling icons, candles, medallions, incense, local embroidery, weavings, local delicacies and sweets; everything liked with the religious tourism and the artistic tradition of the island can be find in this local market.

The little shop of the Weaving School sells tablecloths, bedcovers and other woven hand-made items produced at the school.

In Hora a large number of jewelleries, art galleries, antique shops, souvenirs and gifts shops, boutiques and cosmetics shops are available.

Artistic ceramic works which are expressing the folk tradition of Tinos can be found in Hora.
The pastry shops in the capital make excellent almond cakes as well as famous little cheese-pies (“tiropitakia”) made in the traditional way.

A folk exhibition is organized all year long in Hora, sailing various local agricultural products (from
the area of Palada) such as garlic, plums, apricots, figs, capers, mint, sage, oregano, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, melon, grapes, zucchini squash and much more.

The village of Volax has a tradition in basketwork and the handicrafts of its inhabitants can be bought at the village as well as at Hora.

In the village of Pyrgos, which has a tradition in marble-carvings and sculpture, it is possible to buy marble creations at one of the numerous marble-sculptors’ workshops.