Museum of painter Kostas Tsoklis in Kambos

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A chance to admire the beautiful works of the famous Greek painter Kostas Tsoklis have all visitors and locals of Tinos Island from May 21st. In the village of Kambos, the old primary school now hosts the museum of Kostas Tsoklis, with important collections of his art. At his speech for the inauguration of the museum, Mr Tsoklis emphasized mostly on the team work during this two-year preparation of the museum, which was created after the encouragement of Panagiotis Krontiras, the major of Tinos. The museum is a beautiful journey to the artistic life of Kostas Tsoklis including many of his works, thoughts and historical facts about his life. This is the only museum of the artist and some of his remarkable works have won a permanent place there. The museum aims to connect the audience with the contemporary art, through many screenings, exhibitions and festivals associated to the artist. It also includes a library, a big room for speeches, and workshops for the academics of contemporary art.