2nd International Literary Festival

Jul 28, 2011 — Jul 30, 2011 • Category: Events

The 2nd International Literary Festival will be held in Tinos Cyclades, which will become once more (after last year's festival) the meeting point of 17 notable writers from 11 countries. Through interesting speeches, lectures and literature readings, these writers will light up their work in nine different languages. This year's festival aims to make Tinos an international point of reference, the island where West meets East, North meets South, the Aegean meets the Mediterranean and Europe meets Africa and Middle East. This special event will include several narrations and readings of their work accompanied by jazz and traditional folk music of Tinos. The festival will take place over a three days period in three different locations of Tinos (Chora, Volax and Pyrgos). Tuesday, July 28th, 20:30 - Chora Ioanna Bourazopoulou (Greece) Tomica Bajsic (Croatia) Yiannis Dallas (Greece) Dimitris Kalokyris (Greece) Jeffrey Carson (USA) Friday, July 29th, 20:30 - Volax Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke (Greece) Fernando Arrabal (Spain) Saadi Youssef (Iraq) Jiaxin Wang (China) Dimitra Kolliakou (Greece) Tefcros Michailidis (Cyprus) Saturday, July 30th, 11:00 – Pyrgos Round table discoussion, writers talk to the public Screening of the film The Art of Being Arrabal (2010) and at 20:30 Faryad Fereydoun (Iran) Dimitris Nollas (Greece) Vida Ognjenovic (Serbia) Mary O' Malley (Ireland) Amir Or (Israel) Petros Tatsopoulos (Greece)