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Chora Village Schinoussa: The main village of Schinousa is Chora, also called Panagia, which is situated uphill from the port. It is not visible from the sea as it is hidden by the hill. This is the reason why pirates preferred this village and used to assemble here to plan their next raid.

The village offers a spectacular view of the sea and surrounding areas. The road leading to Chora from the port is asphalted as opposed to other roads of the island that are basically small paths.

From Chora you can walk to every beach on the island on small trails and donkey paths, as it is located right at the heart of the island.

Chora is a small and charming village with a single street. Here you can find a bakery, mini markets, taverns, cafes, a pastry shop and a health centre. It distinguishes for its traditional architecture and the charming environment. The village is perfect for morning walks along the scenic trails or for watching the brilliant sunset.

This village also hosts the church of Panagia Akathi, the protector of the island. Many women have taken their names (Akathi) from this church.

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Schinoussa Guesthouse

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In Schinoussa Guesthouse they are given the chance to have personal contact with their guests and make sure that they have the best vacation ever. Schinoussa Guesthouse includes three independent stone apartments, built according to the Cycladic style and aesthetics. The rooms are spacious, still intimate so that you feel like home. At the same time though, they are carefully equipped, so that you can enjoy your vacation in comfort.

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Ailouros Scenic Guest Houses

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The houses available at Ailouros Scenic Guest Houses have a traditional design, comfortable beds, and fully equipped kitchens. In addition to the warm, home-like interior, you will find beautifully arranged outdoor seating areas where you can relax and enjoy a nice view of the surroundings.

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A luxurious Schinoussa accommodation, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Nestled in the heart of the wild nature of Schinoussa, overlooking the vast Aegean sea, this Schinoussa accommodation is a luxurious oasis of serenity.

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