Museums in Schinoussa

The history of Schinoussa starts in the early ancient times, as shown by excavations that have been performed on the island, particularly in the center of Schinoussa. Architectural remains of the Hellenistic and the Roman times have been excavated there, including the remains of some paleochristian churches and a Medieval Castle. However, the history of Schinoussa stopped abruptly in the Medieval times, when it became a shelter of pirates.

You can not find any important museum on Schinoussa, except for a small but interesting folklore museum in the capital village. In this folklore museum, you will see traditional items of the past two centuries. These items belonged to permanent inhabitants who have donated them to this tiny museum. Therefore, you will find kitchen utensils, agricultural tools, old clothes, and some other exhibits to depict traditional life on Schinoussa.

If you are really interested in museums, you will find many lovely museums in the neighboring island of Naxos, which is daily connected to Schinoussa by boat. The most interesting museums in Naxos are the Archaeological Museum and the Venetian Museum in Chora.