Ilias Lalaounis in Santorini, Fira Town

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Location: Fira

Ilias Lalaounis located in Fira is a fourth generation jewelry shop renowned for creating luxurious gold and silver jewelry steeped in Greek history and has opened outlets throughout the isles of Greece, as well as other parts of the world.

The hand-crafted creations of Lalaounis blend techniques of past and present a unique interpretation of ancient cultures translated into a modern expression. Their collections have drawn inspiration from influences as varied as the Neolithic age, Byzantine era, pre-Classical age, and Mycenaean art.

Their diverse product range includes a huge collection of jewelry, business gifts and decorative items that have been created using ancient techniques like granulation, filigree, as well as repousse, which is a unique technique of forming patterns in relief by hand-hammering and pressing on the reverse side. Come Christmas, Lalaounis brings out specially designed charms for the New Year, which symbolize fertility, prosperity, and long life.




1 Reviews

  • reton32 17 Oct 2010
    Real masterpieces
    Amazing place! We stopped by to have a look because the shopwindow attracted us at first glance. Gorgeous jewelry, so nice, real pieces of art! Of course, we didn't dare buy anything, as they were tooo out of our league... unfortunately! If you can afford it, it would be great to have such masterpieces in your collection.