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In brief, watching a movie in the open-air cinema Cine Kamari is definitely one of the top things to do on the islands. Read more ↓

We present you the two available cinemas in Santorini. So grab your popcorn, sit tight, and let the silver screen dominate your imagination!

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Cine Kamari

Open Air Cinema
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The Kamari Cinema, which has been in operation since the early 1990s, is located on the main road leading to Kamari. Set amidst a thicket of trees, the cinema provides a relaxing atmosphere and it is frequented by both locals and tourists.


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Villagio is a cinema in Kamari which hosts year-round film screenings paired with delicious snacks and soft drinks in a warm, comfortable indoor movie theater.

More info about open-air cinemas

Enjoy a movie on a lovely summer night, in the open-air cinema of Santorini!
Films occupy a unique space in almost all cultural landscapes. Nonetheless, Greece offers an unparalleled experience during the summertime. When the weather gets warm, open-air cinemas await to welcome guests.

An open-air cinema comprises an outdoor setting, where the screen and seats are placed in a yard or other open space. That way, individuals can enjoy a movie while being cooled by the light summer breeze under the light of the stars and moon. Small tables usually lie among the seats to place your beverage and popcorn (or other snacks), which can be purchased from the establishment's canteen.