Santorini Cinema

Visit the best open-air cinemas in Santorini and enjoy a movie during a nice summer night. Films occupy a unique space in almost all cultural landscapes, and Santorini is no different. To let you experience Santorini Cinema at its finest, we have shortlisted two of the most amazing theatres in Santorini. So grab your popcorn, sit tight, and let the silver screen dominate your imagination!

We have hand-picked the best cinemas and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.

Our first recommendation is the charming Open Air Cinema of Kamari. Located at the entrance to Kamari town, on the main road to Fira town with a bus station just across the cinema entrance, this cinema has been in operation since the early 1990s. A hotspot for both locals and tourists. The movies at the theatre are usually shown in their original version, which is English most of the time, along with Greek subtitles. Open from May until October, Kamari Cinema charges an entrance fee of 8 euros. Modern sound and projection, a range of local cocktails and refreshments, and the open-air vibe of Kamari Cinema makes for a truly unique experience for the film-going audience. Included among the 10 best open-air cinemas worldwide by multiple esteemed magazines and journalistic outlets, this venue also hosts the Santorini Jazz festival every July.

The second cinema is Villaggio. The very first theatre in all of Cyclades Islands to get quipped with DOLBY DIGITAL 3D technology, Villaggio has proven itself to be far ahead of the curve, when it comes to Cinema. Considered one of the best theatres in the Cyclades, Villagio showcases films in their original languages and versions with Greek subtitles. Located at the Kamari Shopping Centre, you will find Villagio to be a nice haven for moviegoers.

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