Volkan beer awarded as innovation product

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Beer Volkan, exclusively produced on the island of Santorini, was recently awarded as Product Innovation of the Year in the International Beer Awards in Prague, Czech Republic. The event took place on May 14th, 2013 with the participation of many big and small selected producers from the entire world.

Mr Petros Nomikos, producer of Volkan beer, explained that the unique features of this drink are due to the local products of Santorini, particularly honey. The Santorinian honey used in beer making gives special aromas to the final product. In fact, in September bees on Santorini are fed with the grapes laid by the wine makers in the sun to mature. Thus the fructose of the grapes is decisive for the taste of the honey that is added in beer Volkan.

As Mr Nomikos said, very important is also the citron juice from Naxos island that gives a sublime taste to the beer as well as the water of Santorini. In order to use the original Santorini water, they took basalt formed after the volcanic eruption in 1,600 BC and created a volcanic rock filter.

Since February 2012, Volkan beer of Santorini is available in two versions: in blonde (Santorini Blonde) and black (Santorini Black). Celebrating 2013 as Santorini Year of Gastronomy, the brewery is going to launch Santorini White in July 2013. This is an unfiltered wheat beer, light drinkable, low in acidity, also made with citrus and honey aromas.