Urban Authority forbids roof replacement

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Unexpectedly, the Urban Authority of Santorini refused to allow the replacement of the roof in Akrotiri!! The constructing company that had undertaken the replacement of the roof went yesterday to Fira to deposit its study, but the urban authority replied that constructing in an archaeological site is illegal. This is actually true, as such a law exists, but it was the same authority that approved the construction of the roof in the first place in 2001, wasn't it? Moreover, it was the same authority that had renewed the construction licence of the roof in June 2005, just a few months before the accident that killed a visitor and caused many damages to the site. It's been three and a half years since the roof collapsed and yet the site remains closed. The architectural study has been completed, the President of Republic has issued a special decree for this replacement, the Minister of Culture insists that the roof will be built and yet the Urban Authority is not giving the necessary licence... When will this roof be replaced?