Traditions of Good Friday

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Easter is gloriously celebrated on Santorini and events climax on Good Friday, the day where the Christians moor for the death of Jesus Christ. On Good Friday morning, bakeries and housewives make traditional sweets, such as buns and melitinia . While cookies are baked, girls go to the church to decorate the Epitaph, that represents the grave of Jesus Christ. All day long, the bells sound in mourningly.  On Good Friday evening, pilgrims go to church and a litany of the Epitaph around the village follows. The Epitaph of the Cathedral in Fira and of Agios Efstathios in Kontochori meet in the square of Fira, accompanied by the Choral, while pilgrims carry lightened candles. In Pyrgos village, children will prepare cans with oil and put them along the route of the Epitaph. They will lighten them at the time of the evening, creating an atmosphere of devoutness and honoring thus the death of Christ.