Establishement of university department

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The Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Geological Society of Greece have proposed the establishment of a university department on Santorini to investigate more the special geological elements of the island. After all, the Faculty of Geology organizes frequent educational excursions there to study this unique volcanic soil of Santorini. Professor Dimitris Papanikolaou stressed out that "Santorini is a global monument of geological inheritage. Santorini is for the world geological history what the Acropolis is for the human spirit".  All members of the municipal board of the island accepted this suggestion with joy, as such a university department will give scientific glory to Santorini. The volcano, that has been strongly connected to the history, the architecture and the culture of this Greek island, has made Santorini famous all over the world. The caldera, which is the largest caldera in the world and in fact covered by sea, and the volcanic activities that continue till today have attracted the interest of various geological societiesin Greece and around the globe.  The Municipality of Thira offered to give one of its buildings to this end. This building, apart from the geological department, will also host summer courses of foreign geological universities. Professor Efthimios Lekkas also annoucned its intention to establish a Geological Museum in Santorini within the next five years.