Billionaire donates to Animal Welfare Association

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The Greek billionaire Mr Stelios Hatziioannou has donated a large amount of money to the abused donkeys of Santorini. The 40-year old owner of EasyJet and EasyCruise maritime companies has pledged the sum of 24,000 British pounds to the Santorini Animal Welfare Association for that purpose. He is also prepared to donate a further £1,000 every time an abused donkey is rescued and rehabilitated. Mr Hatziioannou, who has been a regular visitor to Santorini since his childhood, says he has personally come across the maltreatment of the island's poor donkeys at the hands of their abusive owners, a memory that is rankled in his mind for many years now. That is how he decided to make such a donation in order to help himself in the protection and welfare of these donkeys, who have been for decades the trademark of Santorini.