Puppet Theatre

Aug 11, 2008 — Aug 11, 2008 • Category: Events
MONDAY 11/8/2008, 8:30PM - MEGARO GYZI Fira PUPPET THEATRE MERLIN The City That Never Laughed A puppet theatre performance for kids and adults. Duration of performance: 50 min Free entrance Our little hero lives in a city where people have forgotten to laugh. Through a strange way he finds a ticket for a circus. A circus which has been enchanted... invisible! ... When he discovers it, he will understand that the people of this circus symbolize all these feelings that his city misses out and make the people unhappy... with the help of the little spectators, he will try to free the circus out of the witchcraft, facing the evil witch which keeps it jailed, and bring it back to town. In the end… who knows? ... maybe the kids and the puppets are enough to make this city laugh… EVERY CITY!