Piano Recital in Megaro Gyzi

Aug 09, 2008 — Aug 09, 2008 • Category: Events
The friends of music will have the opportunity to attend a unique improvised piano recital from Yiorgos Psihogios on Saturday, 9th of August, 9pm, in the Megaro Gyzi Concert Hall on Santorini. The entrance is free. From classical music... to jazz The composer-improvisator Yiorgos Psihogios, one of the leading pianists (and accordion players), with impressive virtuosity and spectacular faculty of improvisation, will present an original as much as unique recjtal of piano completely improvised. The great Keith Jarett has said about Yiorgos Psihogios: A great pianist and composer! Yiorgos' improvisation is an incredible gift of God! An absolute surprise to me.