Paros Asklepios Sanctuary

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Location: Parikia

The Asklepion of Paros: On Paros, you can find an Asklepion, a temple dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing. The cult worship of Asclepius started around 300 BC and became increasingly popular in ancient Greece. The diseased and injured gathered in large numbers at the temple seeking a cure from various illnesses. According to tradition, the devotees would sleep within the precincts of the temple and it is believed that they had visions or dreams, which they reported to the head priest the following day.

The priest prescribed a cure based on the dreams and for the most part, the cure involved a dip in the therapeutic baths, mud cures or practicing sports. Such a temple can be seen on Paros, on the hill of Agia Anna, a short distance from Parikia. The remains of the ancient wall still exist, while the fountain basin in the center dates from a much later period.

There is a long passage that stretches from the sacred fountain to the circular construction where different kinds of cure were carried out. Close by, on a slightly elevated terrace above the Asklepieion, there stand the ruins of another sanctum, built to honor Pythian Apollo.

How to get there

The Sanctuary of Asklepios is located in the village of Parikia, just a 15-minute walk away from the bus station.

Private transfers: We recommend using an online pre-booked transfer service, which provides transfer by taxi, minibus or private VIP car and arranging a pickup directly from the port, airport or your hotel. Alternatively, there’s the option of arranging a pickup by a local driver directly at the following numbers: 0030 694 4540 556, 0030 694 4668 331, 0030 699 9450 800 or book your taxi online.

Car rental: Τhere’s the option of renting a car with as little as 14 euros per day and pick it up directly from the airport, port or your hotel. Using a car rental allows visitors to discover the Sanctuary of Asklepios and many other places of interest at their own pace.

Public transfers: The central bus station of the island is located at the main port of Paros (Parikia). There are bus connections between this bus station and the most areas of the island. Consider that time schedules might change according to the season. Check the official timetables here.
Tip: Since buses don’t always stop in every scheduled stop of their itinerary, our advice to visitors is to inform the driver about their final destination, so that he makes a stop there.



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