Times recommends new best hotels in the world

• Category: News
In a recent list, Times Newspaper revealed the coolest hotels in the world, which included Mykonos Grace, an upscale boutique hotel located on Mykonos. Mentioning specifically that Mykonos is fast becoming a hotspot for list hotels, as well as tourists, the Times complimented the “effortless grace” of Mykonos Grace which coupled with its attractive prices make it one of the best. The recent facelift given to the hotel has also been appreciated, which has given the rooms a very appealing airy feel, complete with spacious terraces. The modern European style that has been adopted during its renovation has paid off, with a restaurant, library, pool, fitness center as well as the best spa complex on the island, among the comforts provided to guests. Agios Stefanos beach is located right next to the hotel and it is easily accessible and well located, increasing its popularity among the hi-flyers even more.