Police are in ecstasy over haul

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In the biggest-ever haul of ecstasy tablets in Greece, police seized 100,000 pills and arrested three men.
In a collaborative sting operation between the Drug Squad, the Secret Service and Attica police, spread over Mykonos and Thessaloniki yesterday, officers posed as interested buyers. They met the unnamed men, aged 42 and 39, from a Drama along with a 39-year-old from Kavala, on the island of Mykonos. The men were then arrested for the possession of 50, 000 ecstasy pills, 6 grams of cocaine and a gun.
An illegal ecstasy factory in Bulgaria supplied the men with the drugs. Police said that they were planning to sell them in Mykonos during the busy summer tourist months.
Officers said that upon questioning the 42-year-old revealed that more tablets were stashed in an apartment in Thessaloniki, where they found 50,000 pills after raiding the property. This discovery made this haul the biggest in Greek history.
Previously, in 2004, 83,000 pills were seized over the year.