Best Mykonos hotels

As one of the most visited Cycladic islands, Mykonos offers a wide variety of excellent facilities to choose from for your accommodation. Vacation in Mykonos has become synonymous with luxury, although this does not mean that prices have to be out of your reach. A large number of hotels and villas offer amazing accommodation facilities with sea views, swimming pools and a charming Cycladic design. Below, you will find a short list of the best hotels in Mykonos per category, as well as some additional information on each hotel type to help you pick the best option for you!

Discover our selection of the best hotels in Mykonos by type:

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This is a shortlist of some recommended hotels in Mykonos made by our team, according to the type of holidays you are organising:

Mykonos Luxury hotels

Best Luxury Hotels

The best way to pamper yourself is by combining the Mykonian experience with lavish facilities. The result is nothing short of excellent, as the best hotels of the island offer top-notch amenities and great sea views due to their advantageous locations. Moreover, they embed their unique styles and philosophies in the services, tailor-made amenities from concierge to dining and more. Luxury accommodation is highly recommended for honeymooners, as they can enjoy a special treatment for a truly unforgettable experience. Luxury lodgings welcome you to stay in your own private suite, relax in the jacuzzi and unwind. This type of accommodation is a favorite of celebrities and jet-setters. The facilities are spacious and lush, with comfortable and stylish furnishing. Prices commence from 400€ per night, with great value offers for extended stays. It is strongly advised to book your villa or suite well in advance, as they sell out quickly every year.

Our recommendations for luxury hotels:

Greco Philia (Elia Beach)
Tharroe (Mykonos Town)
Myconian Ambassador (Platis Gialos)
Belvedere (Mykonos Town)
Grand Resort (Agios Ioannis)
Kensho (Psarou)
Lyo Boutique (Super Paradise)
Bill and Coo (Megali Ammos)
Santa Marina (Ornos)
Katikies (Agios Ioannis)


Affordable Luxury hotels

Best Affordable Luxury Hotels

When looking for a more cost-effective approach to Mykonian luxury, this range of accommodation is exactly what you need. With a small compromise to your balcony view or the room’s total square meters, you can enjoy lavish amenities at approximately ⅓ of the top tier’s cost. The lodging units befitting the affordable luxury tier are well-renovated, with stylish design and furnishing. They also enjoy the hotel’s pristine pools and dining services, tailor-made breakfast arrangements, all for pricing of 200 to 400€ per night. Great value bundles are offered by the hotels when you book your stay in advance. These facilities are easily spotted in Chora, as well as a number of the southwestern beaches of Mykonos.

Our recommendations for affordable luxury hotels:

A Hotel (Mykonos Town)
Sea side houses (Kalo Livadi)
Deliades (Ornos)
Ftelia bay (Ftelia)
Ammos (Ornos)


Family hotels

Best Family Hotels

Although not a primarily family-oriented destination, the wonderful Mykonos island offers a variety of top-quality, family-catering accommodation alternatives. Featuring pristine swimming pools, beautiful locations near the seaside, verdant gardens and top-notch units and amenities, they facilitate family travelling in Mykonos. Enjoy the Mykonian vacation with your loved ones, without compromising your comfort or relaxation. Whether you select a hotel room or an autonomous villa, the Mykonian hospitality and spacious, quality accommodation will accompany you throughout your stay.

Our recommendations for family hotels:

Matina (Mykonos Town)
Sea side houses (Kalo Livadi)
Kouros Boutique hotel (Mykonos Town)
Nissaki Boutique Hotel (Platis Yialos)
Petinaros Hotel (Mykonos Town)


Beachside hotels

Best Hotels near the beach

On the popular southwestern seashores of Mykonos, many stylish hotels have been welcoming guests in the last few years. With excellent locations, undisturbed sea vistas, top-notch facilities and amenities they ensure a memorable vacation for every single guest. Some of these lodgings are on the beach, while others are situated only a few minutes’ walk from the bays. When staying at a seashore hotel, renting a vehicle is strongly recommended, as bus transportation is not always convenient for those areas. The most sought-after locations with hotels are definitely Paradise, Super Paradise, Psarou, Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis and Platis Gialos that are just a 10-20 minute drive from Chora. Make sure to book your stay well in advance, as they get fully booked for the high season.

Our recommendations for Hotels near the beach consist of:

Sea side houses (Kalo Livadi)
Santa Marina (Ornos)
Super Paradise Suites (Super Paradise)
Acrogiali Hotel (Platis Gialos)
Kosmoplaz (Platis Gialos)
Kensho (Psarou)
Alkistis Hotel (Agios Stefanos)


Central Hotels

Best Central Hotels

Staying near the main Chora areas, attractions and shopping streets is an ideal option for those who want to avoid a rental vehicle and rather desire to enjoy the Mykonian nightlife. While Chora has expanded a lot in the last decades, it is only natural that not every lodging is near the promenade or Little Venice area. Many central hotels enjoy romantic sea views, quick access to the Chora’s bus stations, clubs, bars and emblematic windmills. Whether you select them for proximity to the nightlife hotspots, cost-effective character or easy transportation around Mykonos, central hotels cover many different vacation styles.

Our recommendations for central hotels:

Boho suites (Mykonos Town)
Charissi Hotel (Mykonos Town)
Belvedere Hotel (Mykonos Town)
Dimitra Pension (Mykonos Town)
Myconian Inn (Mykonos Town)


Design hotels

Best Design-focused hotels

If aesthetic design and decor is your cup of tea, Mykonos’ design accommodation tier will satisfy your mind and body alike. Abiding by the traditional Cycladic style, these hotels embed their unique philosophy into the pure white element, elevating it. They are lavishly inclined, serving unparalleled pampering with excellent design in an ideal combination. Due to their prestigious styles, it is highly recommended to book your stay early in advance as they are sought after during the high season.

Our recommendations for Design hotels:

The Wild by Interni (Kalafatis)
Oniro suites (Mykonos Town)
Katikies (Agios Ioannis)
Cavo Tagoo (Mykonos Town)
A hotel (Mykonos Town)
Kensho (Ornos)


Budget Hotels

Best Budget Hotels

Mykonos provides solutions for every budget, thus the attainable accommodation tier has been flourishing as well. While they are very comfortable, beautifully decorated and furnished, these units are mostly found inside Mykonos Town, not very close to the seashores. While they usually do not include swimming pools, that is not always the case in Mykonos. Located relatively close to every establishment, restaurant, club and central bus station of Chora, picking a budget-friendly hotel is a great way to further enjoy the island’s beauty. The daily cost ranges between 80 and 120€ and early booking is strongly advised, as they get fully booked during summertime.

Our recommendations for budget hotels:

Stavroula Studios (Agioi Apostoloi)
Myconian Inn (Mykonos Town)
Bellou suites (Mykonos Town)
Sahas Suites (Mykonos Town)
Ibiscus Boutique (Mykonos Town)
Villa Margarita (Mykonos Town)