Towards the discovery of ancient town

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After the underwater archaeological research in the ancient port of Kythnos this summer, the excavations did not stop but they have been transferred to the mainland of Kythnos. There, scientists seem to have discovered the market of the ancient town on the island. Alexandros Mazarakis, the archaeologist responsible for all the excavations on Kythnos, is still not absolutely certain about the fact that these findings are truly or not the main market of the ancient town. However, all evidences seem to match this theory. The oblong building that has been discovered is divided in two equal parts. The material used on the floor reveals the official character of this building. The main discovery stands in the center of the building though: a square construction, lying at the center of the room, stuffed with ashes, coal, small rocks and ceramic statues. Many objects were found outside the square construction, such as earthen female fetishes, small vessels for food and drinks, ceramic lamps, one silver Alexander coin and one earthen pot stuffed with animal bones. Mr. Mazarakis believes that this is definitely a public building. As for the square construction in the middle, this was probably used for workship ceremonies. The findings date around the 4th century B.C. The excavations that will be continued in 2010 will give all the desired answers.