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General information

Loutra Beach Kythnos: Loutra beach is placed on the north east coast of Kythnos. This area is the main tourist resort of the island, at 5 km north of Chora village and attracts many visitors, not only because of its available facilities but also because of its thermal springs. These thermal springs are said to have healing properties because they are very rich in minerals. They can reach the temperature of 52oC, producing steam when getting in touch with the cool water of the Aegean Sea.

These springs flow into the beach and if you swim there, you will enjoy its healing properties. Loutra area also has a hydrotherapy centre. Among the main facilities of Loutra beach, we can mention its many accommodation options, such as hotels and room rentals, as well as a variety of taverns, traditional coffee shops and bars. Many of them open early in the morning and last till late at night. In fact, Loutra beach constitutes the main spot of Kythnos nightlife, as it counts on many popular clubs.

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1 Review
  • wrud99 07 Oct 2008
    Calm and hot water
    What amazed me about Loutra beach is how hot the water is. We went two days swimming on the row there and the sea was lovely: calm and hot. After swimming, have a meal at the many fish taverns that line the beach. Loutra village is small and more developed than the other villages on Kythnos, but not as developed as villages on other Greek islands. You will find the things that you need, but not in excess.