Ios Monastery of Agios Ioannis

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Location: Kalamos

Spotted atop Pyrgos mountain, the Monastery of Agios Ioannis (mostly known as Agios Ioannis the Forerunner/Precursor) in Ios is a must-visit for church lovers and an interesting sight for everyone! Rumored to have been built during the 20th century, it is beautifully paved and painted in the traditional whitewashed Cycladic style, always paired with blue-colored details!

Right past the fenced entrance gate, spot a fantastic three-story triple arch with three medium-sized bells! On top of that, the monastery is well-maintained since plenty of monks have this place as their permanent residence! In addition, there are a handful of rooms that can host some of the visitors of Agios Ioannis Monastery upon earlier request and availability!

The church building located on the premises of the monastery has a distinctive triangle-shaped frontage, and it houses a wood-built icon that is partly gilded, along with fully gilded candlesticks and an array of hanging censers! Moreover, the monastery has a small annual celebration on May 24th and a large one on August 29th!



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