KTEL Buses in Ios

Below, you can find all the needed information about the buses in Ios:
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In brief, the bus is the cheapest means of transfer available in Ios. Additionally, buses are the only public transport option on the island.

The buses in Ios are well maintained, as they are the main means of transport for the thousands of young people who visit the island every year.
Itinerary availability changes depending on the season, with routes' number and frequency increasing during the summer. All tourist destinations on the island are served by local buses.
The service's main office is located in Chora.


Bus tickets

Ticket cost corresponds to the length of the route. The lowest fare is priced at €1.60 while the highest is at €3.70.
Travelers can buy their tickets from the main offices at Chora or inside the bus.
No specific seat is reserved after ticket purchase; on the contrary, you can sit wherever you want if you get on the bus early.



Buses boast comfortable seats and are air-conditioned during the drives.
A large storage space for bulky items like pieces of luggage is free to use by ticketholders. In addition, above each pair of seats, limited storage space is available for small items, like bags or jackets.


Getting to your destination

The central bus station is located in the heart of Chora and tracking it is very easy. All routes either depart from Chora or make a stop there. There are stops at the Port and at Mylopotas, too.
Bear in mind that bus drivers may not stop at less popular stops. We recommend passengers inform the driver in advance about the stop they want to get off at.



Bus itineraries are more frequent during the summer in order to serve the island's plentiful visitors. On the contrary, during the low season, availability is limited.
Timetables are uploaded on KTEL buses' official website; yet, changes may occur without further notice. For that reason, we advise guests to keep their plans flexible until reaching Ios.
You can call the main bus station at (+30) 22860 92015 or (+30) 22840 22273, or fill in the contact form on their website.


Bus Routes

You can find further information regarding destinations, prices, trip duration per route, and more.

Frequency and availability are subject to change. Make sure to double-check the timetables.

  • • From Chora to Mylopotas Beach

    Availability: From 08:05 to 00:05
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €1.60

  • • From Chora to Ios Port

    Availability: From 07:15 to 00:05
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €1.60

  • • From Chora to Koumbara Beach

    Availability: From 10:05 to 23:05
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €1.60

  • • From Ios Port to Manganari Beach

    Availability: One itinerary per day
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €3.70

  • • From Ios Port to St. Theodoti Beach

    Availability: Two itineraries per day
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €2.50

  • • From Ios Port to Psathi Beach

    Availability: Two itineraries per day
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €2.50