Crete Weather

Information about the Weather in Crete island, in Greece but also information about the weather in many locations of the island (average temperatures and forecast): The climate of Crete island is mild. It rarely rains during the summer months while in the autumn it is the mildest season in Crete where the temperature is even higher than the spring. The winter is tolerable, and snowfalls have been nearly nonexistent in the plains but quite usual in the mountains.

The ideal months for hiking in Crete are April, May, and June, as well as September and October. It is very sunny during that time but in the mountains, there is a chance of rain and low temperatures.

Summer in Crete can be the best time for your athletic activities, in the low altitude routes like gorges, mountains, plains, valleys and coastal areas where the summer temperatures are brilliant due to the fresh air coming from the sea. The weather in Crete is always cold in the mountainous areas.

Weather in each region

Information about the weather in the regions of Crete: