Chania Scuba Diving

The northern coast of Crete, and particularly the region of Chania, is a great place for scuba diving. With many reefs, underwater caves and ship or plane wrecks, the seabed of Chania provides great diving sites to explore. Such sites for Chania diving are the famous Elephant Cave with gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites, the amazing Dragon Nest with maximum depth 22m, and an airplane wreck at maximum depth 40m.

To help visitors explore these underwater sports, many Chania diving centers have opened in tourist regions, such as Almyrida, Agia Marina, Maleme and more. These centers offer diving courses for all levels and daily diving trips by boat.
What are the best Scuba Diving clubs in Chania? Discover below 5 Scuba Diving clubs in Chania. We have marked our favorite ones with a ❤. Some of them propose online bookings! Just click on .

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